Are you looking to take a step up?

In most cases when you provide a service out of your home you are not seen as a professional. This has been the case with me for years. This last 2 years I have had a much different experience working out of a store front here in Pocatello, Idaho. For this reason when my partner decided to no longer continue, I did not want to go home to sew. My business has grown and I love being seen for who I am as a "Professional Seamstress". For this reason (and to grow to the next level), I am Offering two spaces for a small fee (advertising) in my new store front.

The space, very much like you see in a craft fair (on a smaller scale), would be for you to display your logo, business cards, samples of your work or a photo portfolio of your past projects. Also included would be a small sitting area where you could meet your prospective clients & write up your orders. If you are a cake decorator Or a miracle worker with flowers, and you work out of your home, this could be a good fit for you. I am still going to be located in Pocatello. Contact me for details as soon as possible, so I can choose who will be a good fit for me to reserve the spaces. A monthly fee would start June 1, 2018

Cake decorated by Heidi Stamm-Kirby Mariner