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A few Alterations on Mom's Dress ... July 2018

Amazing transformation on my mother's dress for my special day.

Ian & Courtney

Dress Blues and more... Oct 2018

Best place in town hands down. I’ve enlisted Robin in helping me for weddings, ball gowns and my husbands dress blues! She always does the best work and has things done when I need it! I’m so thankful I found her! I wouldn’t trust anyone else (especially with military uniforms) don’t even second guess coming here. Thanks for all the work you’ve done for me these few years! You’re truly the best! :)

Diana Reese

Dress hem all wrong... May 2018

We were broken hearted and looking for a replacement prom dress. Ours had been cut off too short and crooked. We met Robin and she seriously saved the day! She fixed the dress we thought was unfixable!! Thanks Robin!!

Loni Chacon

Unable to pick up her dress for prom. May 2018

After receiving horrible service from another local alterations person, one day before Prom, Robin helped us find a dress and provided alterations having it all done in time for my daughter to get to Prom. Robin will forever have my business for any alterations or sewing needs!!

Logan S.

Charactor: Sano

I had been planning on cosplaying as sano for years, after getting most of the parts together I decided to hire Robin to commission sano's jacket. It did not take long for her to make and she was pretty flexible in its construction.
The jacket is comfortable and cool, that is a good thing most cosplayers will tell you because overheating and sweating in a costume the first time you wear it is not the best. This jacket fit me well and gave me room to grow if need be. 
I will be including a pic of the back of the jacket in the comments section of this post.
November 15, 2014 

Whitney W.

I commissioned my Snow White costume with Robin Stamm Walker of Robinville Sewing, a professional seamstress, and I must say, I am not disappointed. Robin not only had an incredible turn-around time, but did an exceptional job on the costume. My overall review of the costume is I LOVE IT!! It is now my favorite costume to wear!

The design of the dress is perfect and Disney accurate.  I absolutely love the fit. The dress fits me near perfect everywhere. I can move comfortably and easily, the dress is the perfect length, and in general, the fit is wonderful. The quality is exceptional. The materials are perfect, the hems are fantastic, and the top to bottom appearance and feel of the outfit is incredible. The under skirt compliments the outer dress well and helps poof it up a little, but not too much. The cape is my favorite. It is so soft and cushiony and warm! The collar is a wonderfully strange material that bends into place, and is easily detachable with Velcro.

Every single event I have been to in this costume I have been given nothing but praise on its accuracy and quality.  I can’t even count how many times I was told I am the perfect Snow White or the best Snow White they have ever seen. I am also constantly asked where I got my costume, and I am always happy to say that it was made by Robinville Sewing. Other people, and myself, genuinely love this costume! I would recommend Robinville Sewing for all of your costume needs! She has a quick turn-around, does an exceptional job, and will make the costume absolutely perfect for what you need!

Ian P.

With my Piccolo tunic she was still figuring out how to get this design down, she made one for me and it was as good as I was expecting it to be! After a while I wanted to get a more comfortable one, with better material, pockets, and a zipper added so I did not have to take off the entire costume to go to the rest room! Haha well I commissioned the second one and I was even more pleased! She made it way better than I could imagine! Everything was spot on, it made my piccolo stand out perfectly!!! Overall I was extremely happy with my first commission by robin, and I will continue to come back to her for future projects!

Noah B.

Everything fit and looked amazing Robin from Robinville Sewing held up her end of the bargain! Then when I asked her advice on something that was a detail I could have easily done myself she suggested a better way to do it and actually did if for me, on the few days before the con I needed it! She even made an extra trip to bring it to me in person! I'm extremely satisfied with her work and will use her almost exclusively for the for see-able future!

Ian P.

Where to even begin? You usually start with what you didn’t like about the costume and work to what is great about it. I find myself only able to say the latter about my Riddler costume! Every detail is better than the last! I originally found the jacket and suit at a thrift store, with the intentions of just sewing on the purple. Well, lets just say I’m glad I didn’t do that and I gave the project to Robin to work on. Not only did she completely unstitch the entire coat and completely replace the collar and lapels with the right color fabric but made she made a matching tie out of the same fabric! Something I wasn’t even expecting for no additional charge! I didn’t know how to get the faded question mark effect all over the jacket, she told me not to worry about it she would figure it out. Next thing I know she had stitched EVERY SINGLE QUESTION MARK! This was as accurate to reality that was possible on this specific costume. Overall I am very pleased with everything she has been able to accomplish. From her comparative, attention to detail of each specific character, to getting creative on the parts that cannot be replicated (because the characters don’t really have to take their outfit off and on), there is no one better! Not the first time I have had her make a costume, definitely will not be the last! ★★★★★5 stars!!! 

Hope M.

Oh my god! Like Words can not describe how happy I am to have had Robin work on my Tunic for Link. Not only did I get so many compliments on it but this is really a work of art!!! I am so happy that she made this for me and it fits so perfect! I will be definitely bringing back link again and again and again. I am just speechless. If you never got anything commissioned by Robin YOU SHOULD! She is super professional and her prices are so reasonable as well. I will definitely be coming back to her again in the years to come!!! <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBIN YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Whitney W.

After having failed at my own attempt of sewing the Poison Ivy cardigan, I had Robin of Robinville Sewing re-do it for me. She completed the project in less than a week, and did an amazing job. She made it perfect for what I needed, and it fits just as it should. The fabric she picked was the perfect match to the character, and she managed to find fabric that was soft to the touch and didn’t really wrinkle (always a plus). The collar pops up the right amount, and the blue trim perfectly adds the right contrast that it should. All in all, this cardigan turned out perfect to the character. Robin even took the time to help me with the detailing on the back. I love working with Robin, and will always go to her for future commissions since she is timely, reasonably priced, and matches the costume to the character in an astounding manner. I highly recommend Robinville Sewing.


Robinville sewing made me a Lapis Cosplay from Steven's Universe and it was amazing!
Overall experience-9/10
I've had bad luck with commissions in the past but this was truly uplifting. Would definitely work with robinville sewing again!

Tia B.

Working with Robin was honesty a great experience. She was willing to work with me when I explained how I needed to do a payment plan, and we worked something out so I could pay it off in time for my deadline. She asked questions for what I wanted (Otonashi Saya's jacket from season 4 of Blood+), and I couldn't be happier with the end result. It looks amazing If I plan on getting anything commissioned again, Robin will probably be my first choice.

Cecil J. Charlatan

Character's Name is Klause from the game Story of Seasons.  

I contacted Robinville Sewing last May, where I asked for a quote for a character from a game I’ve been really into. She was awesome, and quoted me, but I didn’t get to really start the commission until early this year, where I sent a payment and gave her a deadline I wanted it by. Robin is very professional, and easy to talk to. She kept in contact with me as she started to work with the costume, and would send me pictures to make sure I was okay with her fabric choice or if I wanted anything changed.
It did miss a deadline, but she apologized and made sure to send it as quickly as possible and made it to me not too long after. The costume was for a shoot I was hosting at the convention I was attending, and it was so comfortable and easy to move in which was awesome with me. She did an amazing job, and would definitely commission her again.

The commission lasted from: 02/03 - 07/14
For the coat and vest

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