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These are the steps to quote your project :

Please use Facebook Messenger or text for faster communication.

  1. I need to know the date of your event.

  2. The date you want your cosplay project finished. (I like to, where possible, begin at least 2 months before you need your commission completed)

  3. Use Facebook Messenger to send Photos with as many views of the costume as possible. Close up views are necessary for costume details.

  4. Next please provide the name of the character and where they are from.

  5. I will ask you detailed questions to determine your vision of this project

  6. At that point, I can give you a quote.

  7. Finally we will determine when the down payment must be made in order to begin your project as scheduled.

Once we have agreed to work together :

  1. To Reserve the actual time slot I will need to meet you through media or in person, where possible.

  2. You will need to go to the Measurements page and follow the directions to send me your measurements.

  3. We will discuss material choices, and clarify a deadline as to when you want your sewing project completed.

  4. We will set a price

  5. A down payment will be expected to hold your place on my calendar.

Required: One half of your total commission agreed upon between you and me...The break down of your total commission cost is as follows :

  1. One quarter (1/4) of the total commission cost is for materials and is NON Refundable.

  2. One quarter of the total commission cost is to hold your place on my calendar. This part becomes non-refundable when I begin sewing.

  3. When I begin sewing your costume, I will be sending you progress photos.

  4.  When completed,  I will send you final photos and as soon as I have confirmed that the balance of your total commission payment has been made I will ship your finished costume. 

  5. At the time of shipping I will send you a picture of the shipping receipt and your exact shipping cost will be due upon receipt.

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